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||| The winery was established in 1886 by Mr. Rito Baquero on the same site that occupies today. After a short while the “Baquero Bros.” firm was created. The business partners were Mr. Rito, Ciríaco and Emetrio Baquero, three industrial workers from Toledo, Spain.

||| The winery has six buildings, two sections for fermentation and six for aging. All of them are fully equipped. The estimated production is from seven to eight thousand barrels, including French red wine and white “criollo” wine. When the firm was set up, the Baquero Bros. elaborated just 50 barrels, thus, we can value the improvement of this industry, in constant growth and renewal.

||| The technical direction was managed by Mr. Rito who, alike his siblings, came from a family of wine makers in Castilla la Nueva. Thus, he was able not only to nurture himself by studying but also to improve with a steady practice.

||| The supplies of grape for the winery come mostly from vineyards, which belong to Baquero Bros. and are located in Maipú and Panquehua, near de train station. In these vineyards there are ten hectares of plantations including Malbec, Criolla and Cabernet grapes.

||| These wines are sold in the western and southern areas of Mendoza. In the past, the winery also set aside part of the production to be sent to distant locations.

||| It is essential to comment on our visit to the winery. We noticed the outstanding quality of the barrels, made of oak wodd. We could also admire the electric machinery and the steam machine, with a thirty horse power capacity.

||| Like most winegrowers these days, the Baquero brothers did not begin working for the wine industry as soon as they arrived in Argentina. They started first dealing with commerce and then they focused entirely on wineries and vineyards. Little by little, they grew, expanding their property. With baby steps they accomplished what they have today.

||| The Baquero brother’s determination, endurance and perseverance are well known in Mendoza. They have grown firmly along the years, maintaining a great prestige, both industrial and commercial.

||| Extract from “Libro de Aniversario de la vitivinicultura”, 1910; page 244.

||| Today the winery belongs to the founder’s granddaughters. Baquero Bros. is a boutique winery with fine wines of limited production. The barrels are made of French oak wood.

||| Baquero's family Mausoleum

The cemetery of Mendoza was inaugurated in August of 1846.

Traveling through a cemetery as that of the capital permits to discover fascinating views of the local history knowing its protagonists, as well as to the members of the oligarchy and to the forjadores of the provincial industry.

To ends of the 19th century the outstanding Spaniards of Mendoza were divided into two positions, some wanted to build a mausoleum to bury the Spanish families and another group commanded by Mr. Rito Baquero wanted to build a hospital for the resident Spaniards in our province. After several internal it succeeds the position of Mr. Rite, Spanish very given to the community and philanthropist and thus the idea of the present Hospital Español is initiated.

Therefore in the facade of the mausoleum a plate is found that says: "To Mr. Rito Baquero, its initiator The Hospital Español ".

Mr. Rito, after achieving its assignment of the hospital for the Spaniards decides to entrust to Barcelona its own mausoleum. In that city asks who are the better" marmoleros" of the epoch and they respond him that they are those of Gaudi the Spanish architect. The brothers Fortune build the mausoleum in Barcelona and is transferred in ship piece by piece toward the city of Mendoza. Finally I remain inaugurated at the beginning of 20th century.


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